The Zodiac signs and fidelity

The zodiac signs have a lot to tell us about the ways we relate to each other.

We can say that there are some signs that have a greater propensity than others to be faithful, that it is easier for them, or that deception is not in their nature.

In this article, we will tell you everything about the signs and the fidelity. Do you want to know?

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Why is it important for us?

Fidelity is a subject that we have all been concerned or curious about at some point. Conversations about faithful and unfaithful partners are commonplace in meetings between friends. Who has not heard the famous saying "no one is safe from infidelity and death"?

Each has its own characteristics and tendencies, but beyond that, let's remember that each of us can choose to transform our personality and be as we find more enjoyable and happy. (1)

Here we will see the trends of each sign so far this year, you will see differences between men and women of the same sign, so pay attention. Are you ready?

The most unruly…

And yes... If we are going to talk about fidelity we have to say that Leo and Scorpio find it extremely difficult to remain faithful. This is because they live their relationships with a great deal of intensity. It does not mean that they are more unfaithful, only that it is more difficult for them not to be. It will be up to them to make the necessary effort and bet on a relationship without secrets. Do you feel identified?

Sign by Sign

This year, Scorpio women and Leonine people, in general, will be calmer than expected.

What about Pisces? In the course of the year, the reading says that Pisces men will have a difficult year (we are talking about the astral year that began in March) plagued with temptations that we hope they will be able to resist. The stars invite us to pay attention and special effort to the natives of this sign.

In turn, Aries women will also be on the edge, it will become difficult for them to keep their eyes only on their partner, although it is always possible to do so. Aries men, on the other hand, will not give in to temptation and will go through the astral year with peace of mind.

Those who will want a year of peace

The quiet signs this year are Libra, Sagittarius, and Leo. Yes, Leo the restless one, this year has calmed down quite a bit. The homely Cancer doesn't want trouble, so he will stay away from anything that might jeopardize his daily calm and the harmony of his family.

Gemini, on the other hand, may have a double desire, but each one will know what interests him more, this astral year Gemini will not want to complicate his life and have adventures at this moment of his life.

Aquarius, on the other hand, is having a very good year in relationships, so we do not believe that they will incur in any complicated affairs, their emotions will be in harmony in their relationship. Taurus natives and Scorpio women, this year seem very firm and willing to avoid distractions

Mysterious and adventurous

Capricorn is attracted by adventure almost always, so he should strive to have a calm and conflict-free year; Virgo usually accepts challenges if he is moderately sure of not being discovered, although as he is very demanding he will not be easily tempted. And Scorpio men, passionate and mysterious, will be a big question mark this year.

It is information but it is not everything in a relationship

Astrological interpretations can be very varied. Many times they can be coincidental. Many other times they do not represent us.

We must first get to know our emotions, feelings, insecurities and individual needs. Then we must interpret what happens to us with our partner. Are there coincidences? What issues are there to discuss and solve?

Fidelity problems are often due to communication problems. Some couples have become accustomed to not saying things or thoughts for a long time.

Other times our thoughts are confused. We are not clear about our feelings and we begin to doubt ourselves and our partner.

We should not overthink. We can get answers right now. Sitting down and talking directly is the most recommended: without making accusations, but rather, showing the concerns and feelings we have.

Do you want to make that leap to learn the truth? Knowing oneself is a one-way street… It simply depends on making the decision

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