Tips to wisely choosing your partner

Dating Apps? Social Clubs? Parks? Parties? The mountain or the beach?

Many times we ask ourselves Where? But what kind of characteristics do people have that attracts us and then they end up being our partners. We are not programmed, but What happens if we are repeating patterns?

In the following article we will explore How and What kind of characteristics we have to understand to match with a partner. Also we would try to understand what happens with the partner in our life. Is the real love?

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The basic understanding

Apparently there are several reasons why we fell in love and we created a relationship with someone.

Recent studies show that genetics seem to have an important role in the preferences or tastes we have to be able to connect with a person. Certain characteristics in our bloodline can attract the right people to our lives. (1)

Many times we want to be able to figure out or understand why we can not strengthen a bond. As we age, the sentimental aspect of our life becomes more complex when it comes to forming a relationship.

If both parties share these behavioral habits aligned with care and healthy intake of nutrients, enhanced with physical exercise, will have the long-term results of a unique strength for each member, as well as the possibility of sharing more years together in their "Sweet Life".

These tips will help you make a better decision in your next chance to fall in love

Being able to address the issues at different scales and levels helps to make a better analysis of the aspects of each person.

We will focus the analysis by making a comparison of the following areas: Communication, compatibility, availability, respecting the limits, stability and "life point of view".

Some guide and information

We are not programmed, if we are repeating patterns in our choices and we realize that our partners have some characteristic that is repeating itself it is time to break with that paradigm and develop in order to take that leap of value that catapults us towards a stable couple and that nourishes our heart and our emotion.

Ask a specialist to help us find a clearer path. Simply being able to detect and listen in time and certain suggestions can save us headaches and a lot of time getting to know another person.

If you have an open mind and want to know different aspects of your personality or of your partner's personality, it is always interesting to learn about these characteristics that we develop in the article.

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