Tips to Find an Online Psychology Degree For You

To find the perfect online psychology degree for you, there are a handful of tips that, if you follow them, will help you not only avoid the problems, but find the degree that is perfectly suited for you, your desires and dreams and your life path.

Getting the right degree from the right school will change your life path, by opening up opportunities and other doors for you--so having some guidance on making that decision is really helpful.

We studied the issue deeply. And after a serious review of the literature on this question, on how to find the best online psychology degree for you, this article explores the three most important tips to take into account.

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After-Graduation Strategy

The first suggestion is to make sure you know what you want to do after graduation. Lots of people end up not succeeding because they go into a degree for fun, not thinking about their career path or direction afterwards.

An online psychology degree may or may not be a good fit for you--and that depends on your life plans. For example, if your career goal is to be a singer, then it may not be a good strategy. But if you want to be a counselor to students, then it may be a great strategy.

And the first step is to even have a strategy! You can't improve a strategy if it doesn't exist, and you'd be surprised at how many people don't even have a strategy.

Choose a school that is strong in your specialization

Not all online psych degrees are equally strong in all specializations. If you want to study Cognitive Psychology, the great schools for that department usually aren't the same ones for Social Psychology.

In other words: don't look only at how great the school is or how great the department is; but look at how great it is for your specialization you've chosen!

Make sure the school has an online degree

One of the challenges is that a lot of the best universities for studying psychology don't offer but online-only degrees.

But there's good news! There are five universities with good reputations that offer online-only degrees for psychology. Here they are:

Bonus Tip: There are lots of online psychology degrees with unusual specializations that are very valuable

Okay, I know we said that we'd give you three tips, but I actually wanted to save the fourth and best one for last.

Lots of people just study standard psychology, not knowing what they're going to do. And often, when people specialize, they specialize in areas that are totally standard and everyone else is doing.

The challenge with that is: when everyone is doing the same thing, it doesn't make what you do particularly important, or valuable.

So, what about this: what if you tie in your interest in psychology to your true passion, and then you study psychology as applied to what you really love? Did you know there is a whole entire industry of specialized psychologists?

Here's a great example. Let's say you really love sports, like maybe you play soccer every day or you can't get enough of watching Sunday afternoon football. Did you know there is a whole industry of "Sports Psychologists"? These are psychologists who work with professional or even amateur sports teams and players to help them deal with the stress and emotional issues around playing so seriously.

In fact, psychologists are so valuable, that they can be applied anywhere. Here's another example of a specialization you might find interesting. Do you love true crime shows on Netflix? Did you know there is a branch of psychologists called Forensic Psychology that helps investigate crimes to try to untangle and figure out what actually happened? It does feel like a Netflix series--but in real life. In fact, as I researched that job, I half wanted to change careers and become one myself!

So the important subject that I'd recommend you research more is finding an online psychology degree--especially one that has this secret sauce of combining with your passion and favorite subjects.

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