The Price of a Relationship Counselor May Surprise You

There's really only one reason why more couples don't use relationship counselors or marriage therapists:

Everyone has the illusion in their mind that they're really expensive.

Most of us tend to think, "we could use someone else to talk to about our relationship, to help us solve our challenging problems.... but who has $800/hour for that! I don't!"

This stops many people who could benefit from relationship counseling from getting it.

But there's a secret that lots of people don't know, and that's the real price of relationships counselors and marriage therapists. Not what they say, but how much they actually charge.

If you want to discover what they really charge and how to find a good one for you, then read the article below.

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So, how much do relationship counselors and marriage therapists actually charge?

Before jumping into the answer, there are a few important facts to consider. here they are.

First, prices are all over the place. Some of them will be just dollars per hour, and others will be thousands of dollars per hour. It's not like an apple--the same price, varying slightly, wherever you go (that applies to apples you eat and the computers!). There's just a lot more randomness involved.

Secondly, also keep in mind that where you physically are will make a huge difference a counselor or therapist in Manhattan will be 10x the cost of one in West Covina, California. And there's everything in-between.

Third, keep in mind that the more hours you work with them, the cheaper the hourly rate will be. So, instead of asking for one hour, if you ask for a package of ten hours--then you'll be able to get a much lower price per hour. This works not only for therapists but in many professions as well.

With these in mind, the usual range for relationship counselors and marriage therapists is between $30 to $250/hour -- and yes, that is a huge range. The average one charges $75/hour.

While this is a big range, the trick is to find a good one that is towards the $30/hour side of the range. For less than the the cost of a dinner and a movie with your partner, you can have a good session with an outside perspective to help improve your relationship.

How do you find a marriage counselor who is so affordable?

Here's a trick to do that: relationship counselors and therapists online are much cheaper than they are in the physical world. So, if you find the price of a counselor or therapist who is a flew blocks from your house is too high, then try looking for a therapist who works with clients online, through Zoom or Skype. That helps the affordable one in places like West Covina get more clients anyhow!

To find one, the best method we've found is to look around online to find one who works primarily online, and is a good fit for you. And the best way to do that is through exploring online!

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