The Secrets of Tarot: Where should you focus your energy?

The Tarot hides secrets, beyond the revelations we get in each reading. It consists of images and symbols, each of them with multiple and complex meanings. The interpretation of tarot cards has a connection with the energy of the person: both the person reading the cards and the person who is asking.

In the next article we invite you to know the mysteries about all the cards and their interpretations, different styles of readings and alternatives to get a tarot reading near your place or maybe online alternatives to know more about yourself. Explore the alternatives in the next article.

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Different kind of Tarot cards

The most popular Tarot is the Marseille Tarot, it has 78 cards. Its name is believed to be because it became known from the port of Marseille, a French city where ships from distant countries arrived, very important commercially. The oldest known deck is that of the Duke of Visconti, who lived in Milan, is from the early 1400s, and is preserved at Yale University, USA. There are scholars who suggest that in the Tarot there are links with Egyptian symbolisms, and from the Kabbalah. The truth is that it is over 500 years old and spread throughout the European continent, mainly in Spain and France.

The Reading

The first thing to know is that the Tarot roll can fail, without proper preparation. For a Tarot reading we recommend a quiet, serene place, especially without noise or interruptions. We recommend putting a mat on the table so that the cards do not slip. Choose an honest and qualified, intuitive and accurate tarotist. Creating a climate of trust and comfort is essential. If this does not happen you will know that the roll may fail or be inaccurate. That's why it doesn't matter how long it takes you, but remember to generate this climate with your tarotist.

The tarot is always read in the present moment, and not only responds, but the tarot also asks questions. Many times the questions are more important than the answers. A good roll will guide you in the knowledge of yourself without giving you final answers. Tarot is nothing less than a great tool to deepen your knowledge of yourself. It will especially help you to discover potentials that you have not yet explored in yourself. Also to understand what aspects of your current life need more attention, or where you should put your energy.

Interpretations of the arcana

Each arcane has in itself a mystery and a message. It will also give you a possible direction and open questions for you. Do not go very fast through them. You waste something valuable! A roll can be done only with the arcana if you want to know something limited and punctual.

They propose each of the 22, a deep path through unconscious states. The message of the Arcanum is not exhausted in the course of the session, but continues to operate in you, so that the more receptive you are, the greater the exploitation.

Do not believe that a Tarot reading will solve conflicts or problems in your life. Much less that it will tell you what to do, or it will direct your life. If the session goes that way, the best thing you can do is turn around and get out of there. It will only confuse you. The only one who can decide on his life is you. The Tarot will connect you with yourself and in doing so, you will find the answers. You are responsible for your life and you cannot give the task to anyone, because nobody is more qualified than you.

The major and minor arcana form a structure in themselves that reads as a whole. There are different styles of Tarot rolls, some simpler and others more complex. The letters are always read related to each other. The easiest roll is by which one begins, it is the one of three or five cards, according to the structure of the question.

The numbers are not in the letters by chance, nor to order them. They have a meaning that joins the archetype of the chosen card, and the meaning of the question. This whole set is assembled to give answers that are redefining, shaping, adjusting and expanding as more cards are added to the reading. You must be familiar with the cards to interpret them. For example: the tarot has four card suits, the cups are emotions, the canes/clubs labor, the intellectual or conflict swords and gold money.

So now you know more information about tarot. You just have to think about the questions to ask and what information you really consider necessary at this time of your life to make a consultation with a tarot reading specialist.

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