Find the Best Used Car Prices Online: Know the options

CDC states that the automobiles are the best means of transportation during this pandemic times (1). This is due to the fact that social distance is more effective having your own car. Precisely, it is on this whole context, due to the virus that affects businesses and forces many people and companies to get rid of their vehicles, that this represents an important opportunity for those of us who live in the United States.

Now, it is necessary to know about all offers and compare them before investing in the ideal second hand car. There are many options of dealers offering used cars at a very good price, even with affordable payment plans, and they can be seen on the internet. In this article we will explore details of such options.

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The Phenomenon

Nowadays, tourism is being badly affected, hence car rental is experiencing a major crisis, so big companies are selling their units.

CNN (2) explored the current situation and states that even before the economic crisis began, there were often good bargains on the main rental agencies, including Hertz, Avis or Enterprise.

These companies sell their vehicles, generally after a year or two of service. For instance, Enterprise, that also operates with other brands like Alamo and National, sell a million used cars a year in the whole world, according to a spokesperson.

These vehicles are often sold on the internet without haggling over prices and with a significant discount when compared with other agencies’ used cars.

Variety and Suitability

Regarding the options, there is a wide availability. The sites possess very detailed searching engines; in other words, it is possible to specify model, make, and year, besides other variables.

As one must suppose, a used automobile is much cheaper than new one. According to an analysis carried out by the BBVA Bank (3), a second hand car could be worth even half the price of a brand new one, with four or five years of use.

Another advantage is that a down payment doesn’t almost exist, and there are financial alternatives available that cover even 100% of the value of the vehicle. Besides, taxes on vehicles are cheaper.

A new car losses its value very quickly at the beginning, but later the price tends to keep steady.

Car insurance is cheaper because premium is rated according to the car value, thus being more affordable.

Items to be considered

Before purchasing a used vehicle, it is necessary to know what you are looking for. The model and make must be determined, and even consider what it is going to be used for. For instance, if it’s going to be used to travel, or to go to work; in other words, establish the need.

Another important checkpoint is the budget, considering that a new car losses 27% of its value as it leaves the agency; for example, a small car is devalued 20% as it leaves the agency, so a $10,000 car could cost $8,000 or even less depending on its year.

Additional information is always good, so it is important to see other opinions on the internet on the car that one wants to buy. That is not very difficult to do due to the fact that consumers as well as specialized opinions are easy to find on the internet or on YouTube.

Recommendations before the purchase

The Office of Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor de México (4) highlights four important activities that one should do before buying a used vehicle:

-Examine the general condition of the vehicle and drive it, even for a short distance, which is generally done with the owner of the car.

-Verify that it doesn’t have major damages. Take the vehicle to a shop that you trust to have a thorough checking. If possible, ask for a check up of possible fluid leakage that could affect the engine; observe the fume that comes out of the exhaust, check for possible bumps under the car body, above all those that could affect vital parts.

-Corroborate that the serial numbers that appear on the engine, in the car body and the chassis against those on the original invoice.

-Verify that the invoice contains all endorsement and signatures of previous owners.


Currently, there are many internet car sale sites, due to the high demand because of its sale suitability and good quality.

Gossip Vehicle (5) makes an important recount on the most popular sites in the United States. These web pages are addressed to thinking and intelligent consumers that do not want to buy a brand new car, where you can find sedans, and even off-road trucks of the year.

Some recommend web sites are AutoTrader.com, CarsDirect.com, Hemming.com, Autolist.com, among others. All you need to do is a search to be able to find different options.

These sites spare no effort on facilities, from important discounts to the possibility of taking a test drive without many complications.

Beyond the American market, in each country there is a specialized web portal where one may offer or buy a vehicle. In the case of Spain, for example, Clicars.com is the most popular site. Nowadays, it is possible to have a used car, above all due to the facilities that internet offers and the costs of second hand cars. It is a matter of thinking about the options and dare to do it.

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