"Bésame mucho" How does each sign kiss?

When it comes to meeting someone and wanting to conquer their love, a kiss is the gateway to their heart.

One of the first stimuli we receive at birth is from a mother and father who give us infinite love in the form of a kiss. When it comes to meeting someone and wanting to conquer their love, it is the gateway to their heart. Learn in the next article information about how every sign is prepared for love.

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How does Aries kiss?

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and its element is fire, that said, we can imagine that they kiss passionately. They are people full of energy and vitality and this is reflected in the passion they feel and give to their lovers.

How does Taurus kiss?

Taureans are children of Venus, which makes them very sensual and passionate. For them the skin is very important and they are very familiar with the most erogenous zones to kiss and be kissed. A kiss for these natives includes the stimulation of all the senses. They do not overlook flavors, perfumes, and caresses.

How does Gemini kiss?

Geminis are natural seducers. It is the air sign that will surely arrive at a kiss after a fun conversation where humor will not be lacking.

Communicating is fundamental for these children of Mercury, who in mythology played the role of interpreter and messenger to the gods, and was the god of travelers, commerce, eloquence, and thieves. A Gemini will steal a kiss at the least expected moment and they will do it by flirting first.

How does Cancer kiss?

It is a water sign, its ruler is the Moon and they are romantic in nature. They do not usually kiss anyone, they believe in true love and carefully choose their lover for commitment.

How does Leo?

Sign ruled by the Sun and fire element, they usually have enough tools to be great kissers. Passion is in their nature and since they also like to be adored, they will do everything possible to make you fall in love when they kiss.

How does Virgo kiss?

Passionate about details, they are demanding at all times and will be very attentive in the way they are kissed. They seem shy but at the moment of passion they are not left behind. They tend to be more attracted to the signs of earth, that is, to others such as Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus. And if at the time of the kiss it is accompanied with some words spoken in their ear, it will be much better.

How does Libra kiss?

Sign identified with the air element and its ruler is Venus. They are charming, harmonious, and elegant, which makes them very detailed. They kiss in different ways and adapt to the tastes of their partner. They retain their poise and in no time they will let the passion overcome their elegance. They are born aesthetes and it will be reflected in their kisses.

How does a Scorpio kiss?

Known as the most sexual sign of the zodiac, with great intensity in everything, kissing will not be an exception. They tend to be very sure in passionate things and everything in them is erogenous. They are demanding with their partners which, if they do not feel satisfied with their partners body, will not go one step further.

How does Sagittarius kiss?

The fire element is in its DNA. For them, having fun and being entertained is essential, which in terms of kissing, will have to be that way as well. They are daring and if the time to kiss is accompanied by caresses that raise the tone of passion, that will surely be twice as good.

How does Capricorn kiss?

Of a sensual nature, their way of kissing is intense and very decisive. They are not prone to giving a quick and tender kiss, they love to seduce and do everything possible to conquer. Once they feel that they have absolutely won over their conquest, they feel disinterested, so hysteria is a good way to keep these natives, but well ... that is a different chapter in this love story.

How does an Aquarius kiss?

Kisses from an Aquarius are not usually stolen, they go step by step and will not force much of anything. Of a mental and free nature, sometimes it can be a challenge to kiss an Aquarius. They cannot stand boredom and kisses for them do not imply commitment. Original and free, they will kiss according to these premises.

How does a Pisces kiss?

Natural dreamers, Pisces believe firmly in love, in which kisses and caresses are part of their magic to enamor and fall in love. It is a water sign, which makes them very sensitive and connected to what they feel and what happens to them emotionally. They are empathetic, which makes them attentive to their romantic partner. They live in a Neptunian illusion, that is, prone to inspiration, compassion, and intuition. Having said all this, you can imagine how a Pisces kiss feels.

Now that you know how each sign kisses, it's time to find someone to help you in your search for love.

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