Astral Chart for couples: all about your relationship

If our Astral Chart helps us to know ourselves better, to understand ourselves, and to find our strengths and those weaknesses that we must work on especially, imagine all that you can get from a Couple's Astral Chart!

In the next article we will tell you what it is about and we will explore alternatives and everything you need to know to get the most out of it.

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If you have ever done an astral chart you will know that it is about information for you. A snapshot of how the solar system was at the time of our birth.(1)

Letting a new person into our lives can be very unsettling. Multiple doubts come to mind over and over again - will he/she be the right person? Will we be happy together? Will we really get to know each other?

Relationships take up a lot of space in our daily lives. If we are going through a bad time, or we are very anxious to meet our better half, this will translate into all areas of our lives: we will have a hard time concentrating on work, and our friends will have to listen to us over and over again on the same subject.

Have you ever seen a happy couple walking down the street and thought, why not me? Here we will give you some clues to get the most out of all the information that the Combined or Composite Chart can give you, that is, the Couple's Astral Chart.

What is the couple's Astral Chart and how is it obtained?

The Couple's Astral Chart (also called Synastry) is a new chart generated from the union of the astral charts of the two members of the couple. In other words, you must have your birth chart and your loved one's birth chart. This complex and crossed reading will be able to give you tools to work the relationship from different aspects, like the emotional, the physical, and why not, the economic one.

It is a very valuable tool to understand at a deep level the different aspects that make up your bond, such as attraction, intimacy, your temperaments, and also to find those points of conflict where you will have to work harder to have a much happier life as a couple.

The meeting point between both charts is the sun, from this synthesis between both suns we will have the source of energy of the relationship, the brightness, the light that moves them forward. Depending on the house and the sign where you position yourself, you will be able to know with what capacity you find yourself at the time of overcoming crises, which is no less important in any relationship since crises are inherent in human relationships and a very special moment to grow and transform ourselves.

As if this were not enough, the Sun will give us a clue as to how much spark they possess when they are together, if their energy is high, low, of this or that characteristic.

The Moon

The Moon, on the other hand, speaks to us of the deepest feelings. In this case, it will tell us about its feelings, whether they are expressed, whether they are intense, cold, or unable to manifest them. The role of the Moon is very important when it comes to sharing love, understanding each other, and being able to accompany each other emotionally.

After all, the love relationship is a big part of any relationship. So, in this way, you can see the location of each planet and how the relationship between them is interesting, isn't it?

Does the Combined Card only work for lovers couples?

Fortunately no. Although this is the most popular and enriching use, we can also obtain a Combined Chart to analyze a relationship between partners and project partners, to know how this union will work and if this is really the purpose for which they met. They can also find tools to strengthen their relationship and find out if you are with the right person.

Surely there are many aspects of your partner's personality that you can deepen with daily interaction.

If you already have a partner or are starting to date someone, this can be a tool to help you get to know them better.

Remember: You need the birth data of both persons. The reader will do an interpretation of the information collected, and the result will be a unique astral chart. The reader will produce two astral charts, individually, and then the result will be the astral chart as a couple.

There are some people who can perform this type of astrological chart. It can be an interesting gift to give to that special person who is close to you.

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