Are you compatible with your new partner?

When you meet someone, everything seems to be wonderful and colorful.

We tell you about some of the signs you should take into account when meeting someone new and getting to know his or her personality.

In the next article we will explore some signs from your partner, attitudes and behaviors to understand the direction of your relationship.

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Meeting someone new in your life

When we start meeting someone new and getting to know his or her personality is very important to be “open” with some specific signs. Being able to find some of these tips will help you to know better who is with you at this moment.

However, there are some attitudes and behaviors that can show us the true character of the other person, and that can help us to walk away from them in time. Not all people can be compatible and knowing how to leave in time is important, so as not to end up in a toxic relationship or forcing something that will not work. In this article we tell you about some signs that you should take into account when you have someone new in front of you.

They don't have fun with the same things

While it is impossible for both of you to like the same thing in all circumstances, a couple should share a taste for the same type of activities. For example, if you are a person who enjoys the outdoors, a video game addict may not be your best partner. Similarly, they should be in tune with each other in the sense of humor, because as silly as it may seem, in the long run, the relationship can become boring and you may find yourself in an awkward situation when you have fun and he doesn't, or vice versa.

No equilibrium: both get altered with the same intensity

Balance is necessary and in every relationship, there is always one who manages to calm the other so as not to unleash an atomic bomb in every little argument. Perhaps the role can be exchanged, but without a doubt they must deal with the fights with levels of intensity that balance each other so that they can resolve differences and the relationship will endure.

There is more criticism than admiration

Run away! This is one of the most alarming signs. Love is based on respect and admiration for the other, it is what makes us feel proud of the person next to us. If soon after, the other person starts criticizing you and even making fun of your behaviors or choices, it means that he or she does not admire you enough and eventually, he or she will lose interest. And not only that, by not admiring you enough, he/she will not give you the necessary support when you need it.

They are looking for different things for the future

When they start, they talk a lot about aspirations and intentions. There are times when the difference between what each one wants can be abysmal, but since it is just another conversation, they let it pass and do not analyze it enough. It is important that if one wants to have children, so does the other; that if one wants to dedicate himself to his work above all things, the other is willing to respect it; that if one wants to live abroad, the other has no problem in packing his life and accompanying him. Don't neglect those first long talks that set the tone for what life together could be like in the future.

They are not free in bed

There is a saying that "if bed is good, it is 5% of the relationship, but if there are problems, it becomes 95%". That is how important it is in a couple and if after a few months of having started a relationship, they are not able to feel comfortable in bed and above all, do not dare to talk about it, a serious problem is looming. With time, the hormones of attraction calm down and the “bed” routine becomes more monotonous. If you did not enjoy it to the fullest in those first months, it may become very difficult to improve later on.

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