Cloud storage service for all needs

The previous paradigm represented a large number of servers, physical storage restrictions and a rather limited capacity to be able to scale in projects that were growing fast.

Today, services have evolved thanks to the advances of the Internet and the speed of its architecture.

Depending on your needs as a user or business, you can choose different cloud storage services, with plans and technical characteristics that fit the realities of each user.

In the following article we will be reviewing different cloud storage service options. Learn more about the possibilities in the following article.

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What is Cloud Storage? Cloud storage is based on a cloud-developed architecture for storing data on virtual servers. Information and data can be safely downloaded using security and data management protocols.

The cloud storage services will charge you only for the storage you use. The possibility to add or remove data storage capacity in real-time is very easy. All the companies offer a control panel with performance metrics of every cloud server, with the agility to scale your business globally.

You can deliver the right amount of data for each project, enabling storage efficiently, solving application problems right away.

Which Features Do You Need in a Cloud Storage Platform? The essential features you should pay attention to before purchasing the cloud storage service.

Remote Access The ability to access, download and modify the information uploaded to the cloud from anywhere and on any device should be a basic requirement when counting a service

Auto Save and Synchronization Automatically saving is a basic feature in this kind of service. You don't have to press any button to keep the changes on your documents or information. If you are editing something offline, the changes will be updated when the system goes online again.

File Versioning & Collaboration Tools Unlimited file versions are allowed in this regular service. The file versioning helps you to keep any version of the files uploaded. You can access previous versions of the data historically saved.

The collaboration tools enable groups and teams to work in the same file or folder at the same time.

If there is one thing that concerns cloud storage, it is security. Most services offer user access control, 2-factor authentication, encryption of files and 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption.

Flexible Storage
Being able to increase or decrease storage capacity as required by the project is a key factor in this type of service

Different options for different needs

Dropbox Good, from every point of view

This option is one of the most complete services from every point of view. This file hosting service offers cloud storage, personal and file

Dropbox is a file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization. If you already have some projects or documents in other platforms, Dropboxs store everything for you (from computers, tablets, phones, laptops and other systems like Google Docs or Microsoft Office).

If you want it, you can go online from your web browser, signing in and accessing your files or you can install the app in your mobile or desktop version, managing everything from there. The App and the web browser will be synchronized and available.

The service offers integration with Zoom and Slack to have a collaborative interface with your partners and colleagues.

Dropbox has the standard security SSL/TLS encryption of files. Also has the two-factor authentication for the user accounts. But on the other hand it doesn't have any end-to-end encryption.

A file recovery backup system allows you to restore any file accidentally deleted in the past 30 days.

One of the advantages is that it has a telephone support 24/7 (English)

Google Drive The Google AI technology working for your Information

Google Drive offers a complete suite of cloud storage, file sharing, synchronization and collaborative environment to access remotely and store your files and projects.

This Google app has a complete integration with Google Docs (Docs, sheets, slides and different Google apps, Slack, Salesforce, Adobe and more). Google Drive has plans for 100GB, 200GB, 2TB and 30TB.

The service offers data loss prevention and backup systems allowing the users to get back previous versions of the archives and files. Also a few technical barriers prevent sharing the information with people from outside.

The advanced Google Artificial Intelligence development is the most impressive advantage in this service: it allows the teams and users to find every content in a very quick and accurate way. The predictive AI helps to find the content based on the activities in the project (and also of the team itself).

The offline mode, get a way to work when you are travelling or without connectivity. This feature allows you to create, edit and view files and all the offline modifications will be sync after your connection returns.

iDrive Backups easy and safe

iDrive service offers cloud storage and backup for Pcs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android. They have the iDrive personal and iDrive business, the difference of course is the capacity (personal from 5 and 10TB and business from 250gb to 12.5TB).

Also they offer the iDrive backup app: you will have only one account from your mobile to get directly instant backup from your contacts, videos, photos, calendar events and everything you want. The synchronization of the files could be made from your app or a web browser.

The security measures include encryption 256-bit AES and protection for your data in all your devices. The versioning option has historical data of your files and projects, very easy to recover and protect from any problem from outside.

A special feature exclusive from this service is the RemotePC: you can access and operate your PC from any device (print, access files, print, copy and work from everywhere).

Microsoft OneDrive Best for Windows users

The OneDrive service is part of the Microsoft 365 suite. You can store your files and access from any device you have. You will create, edit and share files with your colleagues in an easy way with a private key link.

The service has compatibility with the most used software and apps like Outlook, Autocad and also from your Xbox console (exclusive feature of Microsoft).

The OneDrive has a special layer called Security-wise: a personal vault for your files (and sensitive information). You could also add fingerprint, sms code or face recognition to access into the folder.

Different options from Basic one (5GB free), Standalone (100GB), and the complet suite with Microsoft 365 Personal (1TB) and Microsoft 365 Family (6TB)

Apple iCloud Best for Apple users

Apple provides this cloud service to store files, photos and everything for your projects. The advantage: the lightweight version of the files keep in your device, but the original one goes directly through the net and stays in the cloud for you.

If you change your Apple device, the iCloud will get updated right away with your ID. You could save your contacts, calendars, reminders, notes and every file from your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

One of the most impressive things of this service is the messages store: iCloud will help you to continue the conversations from any device with iOS.

As a security feature, the “Find My Device” works perfectly with the iCloud (previously backed up). A Family Sharing option is one of the exclusive feature for this service: Share your files, books, music, videos or any purchase for free with your family everywhere.

Apple iCloud comes with all the Apple products in a freemium version (5GB). Then you have 50Gb, 200Gb, 2TB versions for your

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