Alternative Medicine: The Chinese power

Chinese alternative medicine is millenary. It has different applications and in the West it is beginning to gain relevance thanks to its healing powers.

In the following article we will explore some details of the chinese alternative medicine and their powers. Discover now the influence of its ancestral tradition in the occidental world in the following article.

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The first thing to know is the difference between Western and traditional Chinese medicine. (1)

Their approach is different. While Western medicine focuses on treating symptoms or diseases, traditional chinese medicine focuses on treating people as a whole. It diagnoses with holistic approaches, from consumption patterns, lifestyle, pre-existing diseases, genetics and health complications in their past life.

If we refer to the past and the historical context, we will understand that there are more than 2000 years of history, exploration and development of traditional Chinese medicine.

Thanks to the efforts of various dynasties and emperors throughout its history, innovations in the use of herbs, their combination and effects on different people were sought.

Safety and Effectiveness

Regardless of whether it is Western or Oriental medicine, both are clear: the proper functioning of the liver and kidneys in the human body is conducive to the safety of any medicine. The body eliminates medicines and herbs that enter our body. The malfunction of either of these two organs could complicate any type of treatment, from traditional Chinese medicine to conventional Western medicine.

The natural herbs of traditional Chinese medicine began to be used for the most common problems in people. From the problems of diarrhea and constipation, headaches, allergies and constant fatigue.

Today's therapeutic uses for relief of pain, some infertility treatments, endometriosis, menopause and also the regulation of the immune system itself. On the other hand, some specific cancer treatments' side effects use herbal complements.

One of the remedies traditionally known in the U.S. is Ginseng which is used to regulate stress and mood problems. It is not always recommended for the general public because it can overstimulate the central nervous system.

With similar characteristics we can find the Xiao Yao Wan which is used for the same conditions.

Forms in which traditional chinese medicine is used

The medicine has different presentations: You can eat some herbs, drink as a teas, liquids extracts and powders. Also appears as granules or easy-to-digest capsules. Traditional formula and custom formula could be created from your herbalist. (2)

Real healing power

Each person is different. It is not the same for some young person or some old one. They live in different ways, in different parts of a country or a city. With dry climates, in conditions of extreme cold or heat. For this reason traditional Chinese medicine must treat patients, daily behavior patterns, analyzing their diet and their way of life.

It must understand where this patient lives, how he or she lives and what he or she wants to heal in order to provide the necessary support for proper care.

For example, we must consider the diet and the food the person buys every day. The way of cooking the goods: hot or cold foods and infusions. Depending on that, for example, a flu condition could be treated with peppermint or cinnamon. In the case of peppermint it is used cold, but cinnamon needs to be served in a hot infusion.

Most treatments with natural herbs can last between one or two weeks. Depending on the type of health problem, the condition of the person and their body.

Where to find licensed herbalist?

If you wish to experiment with this type of traditional medicine, ask your doctor. He will surely help you find a trained and licensed herbalist. (3)

Make sure the herbalist is open to collaborating with your doctor, giving the background information. Also is very important to make sure that the licensed herbalist uses top quality herbs.

Before your appointment, check the certification in traditional Chinese herbal medicine or Oriental medicine. There are different types of licenses. The best idea is to do some research in the guide of the national certification commission for acupuncture and oriental medicine.

In the first meeting, the herbalist will ask several questions about your health history, including past and current illnesses.

It is very important for the herbalist to have clear what medications you are taking, because, depending on the answers provided, the herbs prescribed should not affect the medications you are currently taking.

Now that you know the different types of specialists, herbs and approaches that this type of millenary medicine has, you need to make an appointment with an herbalist.

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