What is the astral chart and how to take advantage of the information it gives us?

The astral chart is information for you. A snapshot of how the solar system was at the time of our birth. It is organized as a mandala, a circle with a cross that is divided into 4 quadrants and in turn is divided into 12 houses which represent different aspects of life.(1)

The data we need to calculate is the date, time, and place of birth. There are people who are dedicated to astrological studies, providing an approach and interpretation of the chart.

It can be an interesting form of self-knowledge, a portal to our development as individuals, the possibility of raising awareness of energetic potentials, a map of orientation to traverse our own life.

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The information we know about the solar signs are simply a factor of a complex plot that gives us an astral chart. That is why it is very simplistic to think that astrology divides humanity into 12 solar signs. The combinations are many and the ways of integrating these energies is absolutely unique.(2)

When we see our astral chart we get an idea of ​​what resources we have and those we lack, or if there are energies in opposition, these aspects will develop or not in relation to our environment, the family in which we are born, the historical moment, cultural issues, etc.

If two babies are born at the same time and in the same place they will have the same birth chart, however, each one will have different characteristics based on how they integrate and develop their lights and shadows.

Three main elements to consider within an astral chart are the s sign, the moon and the ascendant.

The Moon

The Moon The location of the moon tells us about our main link which is our relationship with our mother. The moon represents our most basic emotions and our reactions, it is the identification, the character that is imprinted on our personality and is associated with the person who raised us. It talks about what gives us security, belonging, what feeds us, our needs when we are injured, what makes us feel content. That is to say that they are behaviors, patterns, basic needs, and the way we felt our childhood experiences. Our affectionate side and our fears are also linked to the moon.

The lunar energy is the one that governs our first years of life that will later focus first on the solar sign and then on the ascendant according to our level of maturity or evolution.

The Sun

The Sun The solar sign is the energy with which we generally identify more easily. It is the 'I', the innermost energy, our individual conscience, our creative expression, the authentic identity, our ego, our will to live, and the joy of living. The Sun is energy itself as opposed to the Moon that has no energy of its own. The sun is identity and the moon is identification. Solar energy is vitality, our talents, where we shine. (3)

The Ascendant It is the Eastern point where the Sun rises on the day of our birth. It is the energy that accompanies us externally, the circumstances, the people, and the events that we attract. Our physical appearance is governed by the ascendant. Our way of expressing ourselves abroad.

The way we interact with the outside world, how we project ourselves to the world, our lifestyle, what we have to learn from experience. The logic of the ascendant has to do with experiences that make us inject ourselves with this energy. In principle, the energy of the ascendant tends to be alien to us. Since it is an energy that we do not recognize as our own in our first years, life will bring us situations that will make us incorporate it until we feel it as our own. There is a process or a journey to travel in order to integrate the ascendant.

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