The air conditioning could be making you sick

The AC units are a luxury at home. It appears in the basic comfort of any vehicle. The same device serves as air conditioning and heating with the same unit. The evolution of the features and sizes (besides its prices), made it a massive equipment desired by families. Of course, depending on where in the world you live, you will really need a refrigeration unit in your home, probably at your work and in your car!

In the following article we will be looking at why your air conditioners should be regularly maintained so that they don't affect your health. We will also find measures for the prevention of Covid-19 in particular in air conditioning units. Find out why in the following article.

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Whether it's a harsh winter or a sweltering summer, air conditioning provides an immediate source of relief.

One statistic indicates in 1960 only 12% of the population in the United States had some form of air conditioning system in their home. (1)

Mostly the air conditioning equipment started to be installed in modern buildings, offices, stores and cars. Of course the installation in commercial planes and ships, where long trips require a comfortable and controlled environment, both in temperature and humidity.

Then more houses and homes began to install individual systems (wall type) or industrial facilities, centralized for all environments (only when prices began to be more accessible).

Of course, in the 60s there were not so many levels of pollution and contamination in the air, but little by little cases of sick people began to occur. Mostly, in closed environments, without ventilation, in office buildings, the presence of viruses or microorganisms that caused allergies and recurrent asthma problems was promoted. This phenomenon was known as the "sick building syndrome".

Why should I perform maintenance?

Air conditioners cool the air to achieve low temperatures needed for constant comfort at home or in your vehicle.

The difference with heating systems is that the process of heating the air does not generate humidity or condensation. On the other hand, in air conditioners, the cooling of the air coming from the outside generates condensation and humidity: the basic condiments for the generation of bacteria and fungi.

Another function they have is to filter the air coming from outside. The pollution present in urban centers and cities is a product of heavy traffic. The entry of these micro-polluting particles is prevented thanks to the barriers of the internal unit, which filters the air that comes from outside.

If the equipment works in erratic conditions due to some damage, bad maintenance or defective manufacture, we could be facing a clear threat to your health.

Modern vs. old constructions

If you live in a new building or a modern house, with central heating and air conditioning systems, you are probably taking the necessary measures and precautions for the maintenance of the equipment (since they are very expensive equipment, where prolonging the useful life is key). This type of unit requires filter cleaning, gas check in the outdoor units and air pressure.

Now if you live in an older house or a building with older construction, you probably have a single unit or a central system as old as those walls. This is where we need to take the most care in maintaining each unit. Old office buildings and old homes have this type of system: the most risky, a perfect source of infection.

These are traditional maintenance routines that any specialized air conditioning company can perform in your home or workplace.

Can Maintenance reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection?

The SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is keeping a global pandemic under surveillance, has put thousands of users on alert. Can the virus come from outside and not be filtered out by my air conditioner?

The micro-particles in which Covid-19 travels can and should be filtered out with specific elements for human protection, such as masks and eye protection. There are also air filters that could reduce the risk of transmission and spread of the virus that can be installed in air conditioning units. It will depend on the model and type of equipment. (3)

Most air conditioners use MERV filters that are capable of reducing regular air particles, but not small droplets or droplet cores (spays).

Now, high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters have been shown to work better against the small particles of Covid-19 (approximately 70-120 nm). This type of filters are mostly used in hospitals, health centers and commercial aviation.

You already know the alternatives and methods to have a proper maintenance of your equipment. It will now depend on the age of your home or facility to take the necessary preventive measures. Get the contact of a company specialized in maintenance and cleaning of equipment. Your health will appreciate it.

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