5 Meditations that will Change Your Life

Current situations keep us always on constant alert. Adding in the day to day issues of work, family, sons and daughters, the stress level can be very high at times. Have you tried meditating?

The benefits of this practice are multiple, so in the following article we will tell you about the main meditation techniques so you can learn about them and think about which one best suits your lifestyle.

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Meditation is a very old practice, especially developed in the Eastern countries. So many are its benefits, and the simplicity of its practice, that it has been extended to western countries. They already apply it in some schools, in the work and health areas, and those who recommend it are expanding and perfecting their practice.

What benefits does meditating bring?

Some of the benefits of meditation practice are:

  1. Reduces stress and anxiety, enhances inner serenity.

  2. Favors the processes of self-knowledge and reflection.

  3. It has beneficial effects on health and the immune system in general. Increase pain tolerance.

  4. It helps focus attention and strengthens memory

  5. Facilitates communication and empathy processes with people

  6. Exalts optimism, decreases the negative view on situations

No matter the reason that leads you to this practice, you know that the benefits will be multiple. Here we tell you about the different types of meditation, so you can think which one best suits your lifestyle.

What are the five types of meditation we recommend?

Buddhist Meditation - Zen Meditation: Sometimes when we talk about meditation we imagine a person sitting cross-legged in front of her, the fingers of the hands doing a Mudra position (thumb and index touching) and the eyes half-closed. Zazen means "sitting meditation" in Japanese. What we call the lotus position.

It is the best known method, and it is about keeping the mind blank and focused on the actual moment. Feel the breath and discard any image or thought that appears in our mind. According to Buddha, the problem of men is not knowing how to separate their mind.

This is a very valuable tool but only that, and we should not leave it free, it is not oneself, so we should not be its slaves. Keeping the mind blank, in the present, seems simple to say but it is very difficult to achieve. It requires a lot of practice, and getting to stay five minutes is really a great achievement for a beginner.

Zazen is a practice that can radically modify our spiritual well-being. Buddhism is considered a consequence of Zazen, of the meditation of the Buddha. Breathing should focus on the belly, not the nose. It is habitual to improve the technique by counting our inspirations and expirations.

Vipassana Meditation: It is the meditation that uses the Western current of Mindfullness, and consists in becoming aware of our nasal breathing, seeing things as they are and staying in the present. By simply observing thoughts without judging them, you try to separate yourself from your emotional connotations.

Transcendental Meditation: It is based on Mantras (sounds) that must be repeated to help empty our minds of other thoughts. It has its origin in India and each person must find their own Mantra. This meditation is not related to any religion, and it is believed that is currently a practice carried out by more than 15 million people in the world. It is advised to divide your practice into two sessions of 15 to 20 minutes each. In a comfortable position, without interruptions.

Kundalini Meditation: In Hinduism, Kundalini energy is symbolically represented by a snake that sleeps in the region of the first chakra, at the base of the column. If this energy is activated, it leads to enlightening processes. Meditation includes breathing techniques, chants and yoga positions.

Primordial sound meditation: It is based on the repetition of mantras, which come from the Hindu tradition. It is a phrase or word or syllable that is repeated supporting meditation. In the Christian religion it is the equivalent of the prayer of the rosary. It can be repeated aloud or silently, and it helps to find calm. It helps organize meditation to people who often disperse their thinking.

We already knew the origins of this ancient practice, as well as techniques and benefits to put it into practice at any time of the day. You just need to take a step further and encourage yourself right now.

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